Wednesday, March 21, 2012

our day at the vet...

...tired us all out, but not too much for some new pictures. the girls rode well in the van, and behaved like ladies at the vet. gwyneth had her front leg x-rayed, she's been favoring it for a few days. star had her heartworm status checked, and got some new shampoo for some dry, flakey, itchies on her back. it's really quite wonderful to see the change in these dogs, once they know they're safe and will be taken care of. quite extraordinary really. especially star. the light has come back to her eyes. thank you so much to pat and harold at hyhopes, for the extraordinary care of our georgia girls!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

settling in...getting comfortable...

" star"


...with new people and new situations. new pictures and a new petfinder site. these girls are both looking for just the right family where the rest of their life can be the best of their life.

our petfinder site: