Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Girl Star!!!

We're still looking for a very special home/family for our girl Star.  A home local to us here in Michigan; one with a physical fence, and a family with a work-at-home (or retired), situation, without young children, because Star is a big girl.  We believe that in the right situation Star would likely be fine with a calm, older cat (one who was okay with Star, lol), and even a well mannered, calm, older male dog.  We'd rather not place Star in a situation with another female dog.  Maybe because she's been a mom so many times herself, Star has a mind of her own and will need loving and fair, but consistent, expectations in her new home.  She may need some time and patience while she adjusts to a new living situation.  Star is housebroken, rides well in the car and is easy to vet. 

Although Star is 8 years old, she is full of life and joy.  She is a friendly, happy, good-natured girl, who can be a little too fond of her food, lolol.  She is very smart, bonds strongly with her caregiver, is not a barky girl, and overall has a very sweet personality.  She is on  monthly Heartgard
heartworm treatment, we're monitoring her status, and hoping for a negative reading at next testing.

We've always known that Star was a very special we've come to know her even better, and as we've watched her come so far from her early life of continual motherhood...we're convinced there has to be an equally special family/person out there, whose situation is exactly what we want for our Star.

Star is available as an outright adoption, or, for the perfect home situation, as a sponsored foster, including adoption fee sponsorship.  Star is an absolutely beautiful girl...

If you think you might be just the right family/person for Star, please e-mail and we'll get right back to you.  And, as always, thanks to Pat and Harold at HyHopes, for providing our girl Star with such superb care!!!

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