Monday, October 8, 2012

Hi Everybody...'s me, Star!!!  Just wanted to bring everybody up to date and let you all know that, so far, twenty-one people have inquired about adopting me.  My moms (I spent most of my life BEING a mom, now I have TWO foster moms myself!!!), even invited three people out to meet me.  One of them even brought another DOG to meet me, well, I set him straight right away about who was the boss, ha!  Everyone oohed and aahed about how my coat shines and how much energy I have, but, in the end, my moms decided that they really do want a home for me where someone is home most of the day.  And then there's the fence thing (physical fence, not invisible fence), you gotta have it.  So...if you are home most of the time and have a fence, and are reading this thinking, "wow, this is a really beautiful and sweet girl", you might want to e-mail and inquire about coming to HyHopes to meet me.  I keep hearing my moms say that the perfect home for me is out there it you???


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